14th IFAC Symposium on System Identification, SYSID 2006

SYSID-2006 Paper Abstract


Paper FrB1.2

Hsu, Kenneth (Univ. of California at Berkeley), Vincent, Tyrone (Colorado School of Mines), Poolla, Kameshwar (Univ. of California at Berkeley)

A Kernel Based Approach to Structured Nonlinear System Identification Part I: Algorithms

Scheduled for presentation during the Regular Session "Kernel Based Nonlinear System Identification" (FrB1), Friday, March 31, 2006, 15:50−16:10, Concert Hall

14th IFAC Symposium on System Identification, March 29 - 31, 2006, Newcastle, Australia

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Keywords Nonlinear System Identification, Nonparametric Methods


We consider interconnected systems consisting of linear time-invariant systems and static nonlinear maps. Under the assumptions that the linear dynamics are known and the input to the nonlinear maps are measurable, it is shown that the identification problem can be reduced to a least squares problem. An identification algorithm utilizing a kernel-based dispersion function is proposed.