14th IFAC Symposium on System Identification, SYSID 2006

SYSID-2006 Paper Abstract


Paper FrB5.2

Barenthin, Märta (KTH), Bombois, Xavier (Delft Univ. of Tech.), Hjalmarsson, Håkan (KTH)

Mixed H_2 and H_infty Input Design for Multivariable Systems

Scheduled for presentation during the Invited Session "Input and Perturbation Signal Design for System Identification II" (FrB5), Friday, March 31, 2006, 15:50−16:10, Mulubinba Room

14th IFAC Symposium on System Identification, March 29 - 31, 2006, Newcastle, Australia

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Keywords Input and Excitation Design, Multivariable System Identification, Identification for Control


In this contribution a new procedure for input design for identification of linear multivariable systems is proposed. The goal is to minimize the input power used in the system identification experiment. The quality constraint on the estimated model is formulated in H-infty. The input design problem is converted to linear matrix inequalities by a separation of graphs theorem. For illustration, the proposed method is applied on a chemical distillation column and the result shows that it is optimal to amplify the low gain direction of the plant.